Amazed…and Blessed

So, I’m still trying to catch up on the story and hopefully will get there soon.  This is something that happened about two weeks ago.  My Pastor’s reference was in and my interview was scheduled for March 1st at 4 pm (this has since changed to Monday, February 27 at 7 am, please pray!).

I’m really not sure how to start what happened.  But God did amazing things.  I was obedient to Him and He in return blessed me far more then I could ever imagine.  It’s the blessings I want to tell you about.

I had something happen at work that I was not happy about and I went into a co-worker’s office to vent.  Turned out to be exactly who God wanted me to talk to, not only about the work situation, but also about Africa.  In the process of discussing the work situation, I let it slip that I kind of had a countdown going (now, I don’t know for sure when I’m leaving, but I’m aiming for January).  So, I told him the rest.  He was so excited for me.  And he told me his wife has gone to South Africa multiple times and has done missionary work there.  He thought his wife and I should get together and talk about it.  This was amazing to me, because I’d been wanting to talk to people that have been over there.  God is awesome right?

But this wasn’t all He was going to do.  The next day I went to Bible Study at church, a Bible Study I don’t usually go to, but one I’m starting to attend.  It was on intercessory prayer (more on that later) and after I started talking to the Pastor’s wife and she brought up Africa and asked if I’d met M, another person in the Bible study.  I hadn’t and it turns out she’s from South Africa, here to be an au pair until October.  She confirmed that Africa Inland Missions is a great organization.  She knows people who have gone on trips through them.  This was great to hear.  She feels called to work with African orphans when she goes back home and possibly open an orphanage or more.  This was amazing to me, because I even though I hadn’t admitted it to many people yet, I feel that God might have me do something with opening an orphanage or many orphanages in Africa to help care for orphans.  There is such a need there, with the AIDS crisis.  It’s sad.  African orphans have been on my heart for years.  I want to clothe them, feed them, love them, hug them, and share the love of Christ with them.  I want them to feel loved and to be cared for.  I want to work with them.  It was so amazing to meet someone who feels the same or a similar calling.

Just by meeting those two, I was so encouraged.  I haven’t had dinner with my co-worker’s wife yet, but I am looking forward to it.  I’ve seen M multiple times since then at church and it’s just so neat to talk with her and hear about her love for Africa.  Since this time I’ve met another who has connections to Africa.  God keeps putting people in my life with connections, it’s so amazing and I am so blessed.

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