Living Radically

After turning in my application, the next step was submitting people to use as personal references.  I got that in quickly (after checking with those people).  The following step would be a formal interview after my Pastor got back to AIM.  After asking him to be my pastoral reference, he asked me to come in and meet with him.  This was such a great meeting.  I told him all about how it happened and what was on my heart.  He was extremely supportive and prayed with me about it.  It was amazing, because all around me I seem to get confirmation from God through people and happenings that this is the right thing.  He introduced me to a staff member at my church who gave me some great advice on missions.  She said I need to definitely build by prayer base, which is exactly what my contact at AIM was saying.  She told me to have people of all ages pray for me and my calling, because people pray differently.  It’s good to be covered in prayer in different ways.  She also gave me some great resources for when I find out what country I’m going to.  I left that meeting just so energized and excited.

During all of this my Bible Study, which I returned to in the new year, is studying Radical.  This book is amazing.  I highly recommend it to all.  It talks about taking our faith and Christianity back from the American dream.  What we are called to do is in a lot of ways contrary to what popular opinion and advice says to do.  It calls you to radically step out in faith, which is exactly what I’m doing.  The book doesn’t call all people to move to another continent for two years.  But it does say to look beyond yourself.  To give to those in need.  To commit to a ministry.  To go on a mission trip.  It calls you to give sacrificially.

What does this mean?

Giving sacrificially…what does this mean?  One of the ideas given in the book is to stop doing something for a year, such as buy clothes (or limit the amount you buy) and give the money you would have spent on clothes to the poor or an organization the spreads the Gospel.  So, I’ve been asking myself, how do I give sacrificially?  I’m still not sure of the answer.  I’m giving two years of my life to ministry, but what to do in the year before I leave?

People mentioned in the book sold their houses and moved to the inner city to live among people that need the love of Christ.  People that also needed help, clothing, food.  They prayed about it and looked at what Christ called them to do and said yes.  They said “Here I am Lord, send me.”

These are all things going on in my head.  But Radical is an amazing book.  And I plan to live radically throughout the rest of my life.  And I hope you will join me.

If you want to read the book, I can lend it to you or here’s a link to it on amazon.


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