Last night a group of people from my church group gathered to pray over the upcoming missions at our church.  It’s amazing what is happening in our group and our church.  Within the next couple weeks I think 4 teams are going out.  Our youth are currently in Chicago on a missions trip.  A group is heading to Cayman Brac to work with the local church there and run a soccer camp.  The funny thing about that is most of the group doesn’t play soccer, but they know they are called to go on this trip.  Another group is heading to a sensitive area to a conference for local missionaries to come and find encouragement.  They will be working with the missionary kids to teach them lessons and just encourage them.  I know the missionaries run against opposition a lot.  We all know the enemy is fighting against they are trying to do.  So, this conference is there to refresh the missionaries so they go back into the field encouraged and ready to continue the fight.  The fourth group is going to Dominica to build a church (I think).

It’s amazing to see all the different things going on in my church, but that’s really not all of it.  A member of my Bible Study is going to Guatemala on a trip with her mother’s church.  Another member of our church group is going to Peru for a month to work with children.  A girl from South Africa is spending her last couple months in the US and then planning to go back to Africa to do missions in her homeland.  I am planning to go to Africa to do missions.  So much is going on and we prayed over all of it.  It was such a blessing to be a part of it.

But we didn’t just pray for those going out.  Each of us has our own mission field each and every day.  We all have jobs and groups of friends and families, which are our own personal mission fields.  I’ve started a Bible Study at my work in partnership with a coworker and I hope this will last long after I leave.  There is a lot of excitement for it right now and I hope the excitement doesn’t lessen.  God really laid it on my heart to restart the Bible Study at work.  It took me a couple months to be obedient, but it’s finally started and it’s amazing.  We are studying James.  We had 7 people there last week.  We had a great discussion on making it through times of trials and how we are supposed to count it joy. 

Also, last weekend I joined a group from another church for a street evangelism outreach in Adams Morgan.  This is the second time I’ve gone out on a Saturday night to hand out tracts on the street corner.  It is an amazing experience.  I highly recommend it.  Last Saturday someone came to Christ after talking to several members of our group.  He was Muslim and is now walking in the light.  Praise God.  And so many others received a tract and heard the truth.  Pray that their hearts will be opened and they will read the tract and look at the website.  That they will email with questions and seek the truth.  God truly is amazing!

Also last weekend, my church group started doing an outreach to a local underprivileged community.  We went to a neighborhood of apartments and played soccer with kids.  It was a lot of fun.  We also gave out hot dogs.  The kids loved it.  Parents came out and had some hot dogs and sat around watching the kids play soccer.  The kids were so sad to see us leave and were chanting the day when we are planning to come back.  Please pray for this ministry, pray God will work through this ministry to allow us to share the Gospel.  To have people question why we would take our Saturday morning and come out and hand out hot dogs and play soccer.  To have them ask about our church and most of all to have them ask about Christ.  Pray for open hearts and open minds.

It’s been such a wonderful thing to see God work through all these different things.  Please pray for these mission trips.  Please pray for these local outreach opportunities.  Please pray for this fire that is starting in our church, that it will continue.  That so many people will be on fire for Christ people can’t help but wonder why and ask.  Pray for open hearts and open minds.  Pray for changed hearts and changed minds.  Pray for encouragement for those in the field.  Pray for safe travels and luggage to arrive.  Pray for people everywhere to come to Christ.

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