What a difference a year makes

One year ago tomorrow my Aunt died. Earlier that month my grandfather died. The day she died we had a hurricane blow through and I missed church the next morning so I went to encounter worship that night at my church. This being the second death in my family within a month it was pretty hard. I was worshipping God and thinking about all that happened and crying and missing them when God did something pretty amazing. When I closed my eyes He showed me my Aunt, grandfather, father, and both of my grandmothers standing next to me worshipping Him and singing along. It was pretty amazing. There really is no other word for it.

I think back to that time and what a difference a year makes. I read some things I wrote from the months following and I was having a really hard time. But even during the hard times God’s hand was shining through. God had brought me so far in such a short time. Last year at this time I was lost and I had no idea what would be next. I had no clue what was coming. I was living just trying to get through the day. I was forgetful and would cry at the drop of a hat. I would be happy one moment and then crying the next missing them. Especially in December.

Then God turned my heart and called me to go to Africa. What a difference a year makes. A year ago I was lost and had no idea what God wanted in my future and now I am a moving to Africa in 6 weeks. How amazing is our God?

Tonight at encounter as we were singing I was just praising God for His grace and His mercy and for getting me through the last year. And for calling me to something amazing. I am so unworthy yet God wants to use me for His Kingdom. How amazing is that? He doesn’t need me yet He uses me.

Tonight a new pastor at our church gave his testimony on his move from baton rouge to this area. He was taking about leaving everything he knows and moving to a new place. That’s what I’m doing in 6 weeks. His testimony was so encouraging. I felt like God has been encouraging me and showing me all day that His strength is enough. This morning in Bible Fellowship we talked about 2 Kings 6 and the army of angels defending the Israelites. Joshua also had help from an army of angels. And so do we. This was so encouraging. God will protect me and take care of me as He has called me to go. I knew this but the reinforcement was great timing.

I’m so excited to go and 6 weeks will fly by. Please pray for me as final preparations are being made and I’m finishing my job. Please pray I will find a home for my cat. I know God will provide but she’s my baby so I’m having a hard time with having to find a new home for her. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

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