6 days…

Wow, 6 days.  I sometimes thought the day I’d leave would never come.  It still doesn’t seem real to me.  Yet, I leave in 6 days.  It still doesn’t seem real.  Yet, most of my furniture is gone.  I moved out most of my stuff out yesterday.  A few things are still around, but no more bedroom furniture, my couch leaves this evening.  Since my cousins are taking my mattress and box springs, I still have those and am sleeping on those.  It’s weird having everything gone.  I still have a few things to go through and pack, but most of it is gone.  Either this afternoon or tomorrow I will be voting and going to the DMV to get a title for my car so I can either sell it or donate it.  Funny thing about the car, yesterday morning I drove my Mom to the Uhaul place to pick up the truck.  As we were leaving, my car wouldn’t start.  I decided not to worry about it then and go move.  We came back to drop off the Uhaul and suddenly my car started.  Funny how little hiccups cross our paths, yet somehow things work out.  Yay God!

Speaking of hiccups and obstacles.  Please pray for my friend Lindsay and her husband as he just lost his job yesterday.  She is 8 months pregnant and they have a 3 year old.  Please pray for him to find a new job soon.  He’s looking for office manager/HR stuff.  They live in southern MD.  From Lindsey, “The biggest thing on my mind is insurance and timing Austin’s birth.  We supposedly have insurance thru the end of the month, and hopefully I can get the state health ins. active by Nov 1.  If he’s born this month, I know we are covered, but we will have a huge part of the deductible to shoulder.”  Please pray for the family.  I know God has a plan for them and will take care of them.

Please pray for me as I take care of the last minute things before leaving town.  Thank you all, I feel your prayers daily.

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One thought on “6 days…

  1. Tori Rowe

    I know we haven’t talked in awhile, but I’ve been casually following your story for some time (I see your facebook posts). I just wanted to know that it sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you and that I will regularly be praying for you.

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