Let the little children come

A new baby came in on Friday.  She was abandoned by her mother in a park a couple days earlier, probably the day she was born.  She was found and was in the hospital for a couple days.  Friday she was brought to Beautiful Gate.  She arrived with a Sesotho name, but sometimes when the Sesotho name is too hard to pronounce they will give the child an easier to pronounce name to go along with it.  This child was named after me.  Her English name is Christine.  She is so precious.  I held her just after she arrived and then she was taken to the clinic by our volunteer nurse to be checked out.  She was 4-5 days old when she arrived.

A couple other children have arrived since I’ve been here.  One, a little boy, is here temporarily while his mother receives treatment for an illness.  The treatment should take 6 months.  No one else in her family was willing to take the child, so Beautiful Gate will take care of the child while the mother recovers.

I don’t know the stories of the rest of the children.  I wasn’t in the office when they arrived.  Sometimes the stories are like the little girl’s where someone abandoned them in a public place so they can be found.  Some are far worse when a child is found at the bottom of a latrine or buried alive in the woods.  And some are like the little boy’s story where the mother is ill and needs someone to temporarily take care of her child.  All I know is I am so thankful a place like Beautiful Gate is here, so these children can have a home where they are fed, clothed, and loved, even if just temporarily.

Please pray for these children.  Pray for their families, whether it’s the mother who is recovering from an illness, or the future forever families the children may be adopted into.  Pray for the Housemothers as they show Christ’s love to the children, loving and caring for them even before they meet them.  Pray for the rest of the staff members as they help the children and Beautiful Gate.  Thanks!

PS – I will not be posting any pictures of the children on my blog unless I’m given permission from the adoptive families.  It is Beautiful Gate’s policy to not post pictures of the children on the internet.

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