Tomorrow is election day in the US.  Tomorrow a good number of Americans will head to the polls and exercise their right to vote for who the next President of the United States should be and the rest of their elected officials.  I exercised my right to vote before leaving for Africa.  We truly are blessed to be able to exercise our right to vote.  We are blessed that we can have a peaceful change of leadership when Presidents change. 

Elections here in Lesotho took place in May.  This is the sentiment going into that election.  http://blog.www.beautifulafrica.org/2012/05/prayer-request/

They were afraid of violence.  A radio announcer was killed before the election.  Here at Beautiful Gate, they stocked up on food, supplies, water, fuel, etc. to prepare for buckling down and limiting the reasons to go into the city.  They also paid staff early so they could also stock up and not have the need to go out should the worst happen. 

Fortunately, the worst never happened.  It was a peaceful election and changeover of leadership.  http://blog.www.beautifulafrica.org/2012/06/answered-prayers/

But it’s something to think about.  In Iraq people risked their lives to go to the polls to vote.  And they were marked with the ink used to vote so they couldn’t hide it. 

In Australia people have to vote, they are fined if they do not vote.

In a lot of countries around the world the elections are meaningless.  People vote, but we all know who is going to win.  Or people vote, the current administration doesn’t like the result and the country goes into a civil war.

Be thankful for peaceful elections.  Be thankful for the right to vote.  And please be informed, pray about your decision, and exercise your right to vote tomorrow at the polls, if you haven’t already.

Please pray for God’s will to be done in the elections tomorrow.  Please pray there will be a clear winner tomorrow and not an ongoing battle over hanging chads or anything like that.  Please pray for a peaceful transition, if there is a change in leadership.  Please pray for God’s hand to guide the future and current leaders of our country and all leaders around the world.  And please pray for both sides to accept the leadership of whoever wins and realize it is God’s will and the will of the majority of  the people in the US.

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”  Romans 13:1 ESV

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