Since I’ve been here, we’ve had two teams from the U.S. come.  One was from Michigan.  They came to help out with the children.  The other was from Florida and they came to minister to the missionaries here in Lesotho.  Both have led to fun experiences during my time here.

With the first team, we did all kinds of things as a group.  On the two weekends they were here, I experienced a lot of firsts.  The first weekend we went to Tempelhof in South Africa.  They have a bunch of animals there including two lion cubs.  They were so cute and I was able to hold one.

During the week we went up to a point on a mountain overlooking Maseru and we watched the sunset.  It was gorgeous.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Such a beautiful sunset.  Seems like we have a gorgeous sunset almost every night.

The next weekend we went up to Bloemfontain and went to the Cheetah Experience.  There I got to pet a cheetah and a bunch of other animals.  I also got to see a white lion, lion cubs, leopards, and many other cats.

I also got to see a few other animals, such as lions…



And lots of other animals…

It’s been quite the adventure.  Michigan team, loved the adventures with you!!!  Still can’t pronounce the name of the church you’re from very well, but had lots of fun with you!

Thanks you Lord for providing people to come and help around Beautiful Gate.  Thank you for allowing this team to make it home safely despite the hiccups involved in flying directly after hurricane Sandy.  We continue to pray for those still affected by the aftermath of Sandy and hope for improvement soon for them.

More on the Florida team in another post…


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One thought on “Teams

  1. Cathy Schwartz

    Yes, gorgeous sunset, but also great photos of you with the animals. How special it is to get to hold or pet these marvelous animals! Great to see them up close too!

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