APU Team

So, I’m a bit behind on updating a few things that have happened the last couple months.

Just before Christmas, a team arrived here a Beautiful Gate.  They spent about three weeks here taking a class.  They were from Azusa Pacific University and were social work students.  During their time here, they went all over to interview people on how things work in Lesotho.  They spoke to our social worker, toured 3 orphanages, went to the Ministry of Social Development, met the local chiefs, went to the US Embassy, and so many other things.  They interviewed a police officer and Beautiful Dream Society (an organization fighting human trafficking).  They held class while they were here and did presentations at the end.

I was fortunate enough to join them on a few of their adventures.  I joined them on their tour of Maseru Children’s Village and their visit to the US Embassy.  I also met the local chiefs with them, but I only have a picture with me in it from one of the chiefs.  You have to wear a skirt and a headscarf to meet the chief.  The local chief is female and was appointed into her position.  The one above her is male and inherited it from his father.  He has six chiefs reporting to him, including the chief below.


The team comprised of 9 students, two professors and their two children.  We all spent Christmas together, along with the Geurinks, Paige, BG’s nurse, and Kim from MAF.  It was a great time of food and company.

After Christmas, we went on a trip to Malealea, a place in the mountains.  It was beautiful there.  I wasn’t feeling 100% so I didn’t get to go pony trekking, but I did spend a lot of time reading and relaxing and talking with God.  It was an amazing blessing to be able to spend time in God’s creation reading His word.  As you can see it was quite a beautiful place.



The place where we stayed


And some of the beautiful scenery





There time came to an end about a week after the New Year.  Tears were shed by the team as they said goodbye to the children they had come to know and love.  They made it safely home and are now back in class.

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