The last couple weeks here have been rough.  It has sometimes made me want to go home, made me wonder why I’m here.  I know I’m supposed to be here, but I miss my family and friends.  I miss people who have a history with me.

This morning God showed me yet again why He called me here.  He spoke to my heart and made me content in the moment.  It is such an amazing feeling.

Around tea time a Dutch couple arrived to visit for a couple days.  They have a history with Beautiful Gate.  As Anita was showing them to where they will be staying, I decided to walk out with them.  The kids were playing in play group, the sun was shining.  Children greeted me from the sand box.

Then a child walked up to me.  His nose was running and he was lifting his arms to be held.  I picked him up and went and got a tissue to wipe his nose.  He was cuddling close.  After cleaning him up, I went to put him back down and he wasn’t having it.  As soon as I put him down he put his hands back up and sat down.  So, me being a softy, I picked him back up and went and sat down and we cuddled for a bit.  I was sitting there holding a child, he was sucking his thumb and content to just sit there with me.  That’s when I was reminded yet again, this is why I’m here.  I am here to love these children for whatever length of time they are here.

It is an amazing feeling to hold a child and have them curl into you, just wanting to be held.   I am so thankful for times like these.  Thank You Lord for calling me here and for loving these children.

But Jesus called them to him saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  ~ Luke 18:16
“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”  ~ John 14:18

This second verse is not just speaking about orphans on this earth, but us.  Each one of us are orphans and we are adopted into the family of God.  He holds us in the palm of His hand.  Holding us how I held the child this morning.  Thank You Lord for adopting me into Your family.

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