Jesus wept

“Jesus wept.”~ John 11:35

This is the shortest verse in the Bible and despite its brevity, it is extremely profound.  It shows so much of Jesus’s character and how much He loved.

In this verse Jesus had just learned that one of His closest friends had passed away.  He saw the heartache and sorrow on the faces of His loved ones and it moved Him to tears.

Yesterday morning, I had an experience like this, but let me back up.

On Sunday, one of the children in the hospital passed away.  He was 44 days old and his story is so sad.  He was found in a trash bag and was brought to Beautiful Gate.  He came in the day after the 12 children from another orphanage came.  About two weeks ago he was taken to the hospital.  We thought he was doing better and that he might be released from the hospital, but God had other plans for him.  Plans to bring him home and save him from any other pain he may experience.

Yesterday morning around 2:30 I was wakened by a knock at my door.  I answered it to tearful house staff and was informed another child had passed away.  I woke up the directors and my roommate and headed down to the house to see what I could do.  When I got there, I didn’t know what to do.  What I found was a member of our care staff in so much pain and grief.  I have never seen someone so distraught.  She was the one that found the child.  I also found a housemother, the “mother” of the child, extremely heartbroken.  This was the second child that had died from that house in 24 hours.

When Jesus saw His loved ones hurting, He cried.  We are His loved ones.  He hurts when we hurt.  He loves us so much.

Now in the story from John 11, Jesus went on to raise Lazarus from the dead.  And these children will be raised on the last day.  These children are in heaven.  They are sitting on the lap of Jesus.  After their short life (the second one was only a couple months old), they now have an eternity of no pain, no sorrow, an eternity of the joy of living with their Savior.

God knew how long these children would live.  He knew they would come and touch our lives for a short time and then go home to be with Him.  He knew all of this.  He ordained it.

“Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” ~ Psalm 139:16

Please join me in praying for Beautiful Gate as we mourn the loss of these children.  Please pray for the Lord to heal our broken hearts.

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One thought on “Jesus wept

  1. Deanna Mann

    My condolences to the staff of Beautiful Gate, I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you…..

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