Things are changing around here.  People are leaving, people are coming.  We now have 74 children on campus with a comfortable capacity of 60.  Bryan and Anita are leaving on furlough in less than two weeks.  Benno and Wendy are coming in next week to help during the time Bryan and Anita are away.

But the changes aren’t just here at Beautiful Gate.  Another ministry, Mission Aviation Fellowhip, had three new families arrive last week.  And Beautiful Dream Society had a person leave last week, Karin, one of my good friends.  They also expect new people very soon.

So many changes here in Lesotho in the missionary community and this isn’t all.  Allan and Donna (the Australian volunteers here at Beautiful Gate) leave at the end of July.  Terp (my housemate) leaves at the end of June.  So, come the end of July there will be no volunteers here that were here when I arrived.  Fortunately, I know Benno and Wendy and am excited for them to return.  Also, we have short term (two week) volunteers coming in July and two month volunteers coming in August.

I am also very excited about the volunteer coming for two weeks in October, my Mom!  It will be a lot of fun to have her visit here and see where I’ve been living and why I’ve fallen in love with the children here and with Lesotho in general.

Also, we have a team coming in November.  A team from my church, yay!  So excited!

So, I ask for prayer, as I am not the best with change, but I know this change is good.  Pray for Bryan and Anita as they and their family return home for 5 months, that they will have a time of rest and to recharge.  Pray they will come back energized and ready to continue their time here.  Pray for Terp as she returns home, that she will be very successful as she travels around the US and Canada raising awareness about Beautiful Gate.  Pray for Allan and Donna as they return to Australia after serving here for many years.  Pray for all the new volunteers in all the ministries as they adjust to living in Lesotho, that their time here will be fruitful.  I am excited to see what the future contains!

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One thought on “Changes

  1. Deanna Mann

    Oh Kristen, I’m so glad to hear your Mother will be able to visit you. That is wonderful. I continue to pray for you & the ministry at Beautiful Gate. I will pray that the Lord will provide all the volunteers necessary to continue a successful ministry.

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