New Dreams

This past weekend I went to Durban with a group of friends.  We did many things and I will blog on most of them at another time.  Where we were staying was near a huge mall.  In the mall was an ice rink.  When someone told me there was an ice rink in the nearest mall, I wanted to go ice skating.  I haven’t been in over a year.  The last time was with some kids from my church.  Fortunately, there was someone along that also wanted to go.

Now skating has been a part of my life for many years.  I was a competitive figure skater until I was 18, lower levels of course, nothing like what you see on tv.  After college I taught skating for a couple years at my home rink, the one I grew up skating in.  I’ve been wearing the same skates since high school.  My skates.

On Saturday afternoon I went skating.  I’m in Africa and who thought I’d be able to go ice skating here?  So, I didn’t have my skates.  Plus when you are moving to another country with two big suitcases, a small suitcase, and a book bag, you don’t really have room for figure skates.  So, I had to wear rental skates.  And wow, have I been spoiled with having my own skates for many years.

Wearing the rental skates made skating a bit harder.  The blades weren’t centered, at least not to me.  It made me understand why my students always had so many problems.  A lot of it probably had to do with the skates.  I now think every skating instructor should have to wear rental skates for at least 30 min every year just to remind them how different it is.  It would have made me a better instructor.

But even so, the peace I feel on the ice did come.  Now, this ice was rough, I don’t know when the last time they cleaned the ice was.  So, when I first got on the ice it was different.  With rental skates and rough ice I had a lot to get used to.  Where I grew up, we had pretty good ice, very good when I coached.  It also took me awhile to get the courage up to go backwards.

Anyway, during my time ice skating I came to a few conclusions.  It used to be my dream to be a choreographer/coach.  I thought it would be the best job ever.  Now I realize that’s not my life anymore.  While I still love skating and find myself at peace on the ice, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and find so much joy and peace hugging the children here.

It’s interesting how God changes your heart and breaks it for what breaks His.  I loved being back on the ice.  And I loved getting back to Beautiful Gate and greeting our children who I haven’t seen in a couple days.

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2 thoughts on “New Dreams

  1. Debbie Abernethy

    Kristin I remember your dad taking you and Kelly to Tucker Road to lessons when you were very young. Maybe arond 5 or so. We would watch the kids skate. That is something I never did but love to watch. Sort of like riding a horse. Scares me but I love watching.

  2. Deanna Mann

    I can only imagine how different an experience that must of been. When your Dad & I got into bowling and I finally got my own bowling shoes, they felt so much better than the rentals! It’s amazing how much more confident you are when you are in comfortable gear. I’m so glad you found an ice-rink! How cool is that? God is good, all the time. It is wonderful to hear how He is working in your life. Thank you for sharing.

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