So far I’ve done two posts on my trip to Durban.  I think I’ll sum up the rest of the weekend in this post.  A couple weeks ago early Friday morning, Terp and I got picked up to head to Durban.  Along the way we drove through Golden Gate, which was beautiful.  I can’t wait to see it in the summer when it is all green.  Currently it is very brown, but still so pretty.

Golden Gate is a national park in South Africa.  It has zebra, wildebeest, impala, and many other kinds of animals.  And the views are amazing.  The thing it reminded me most of was Arizona.  It looked a little like red rock canyon or the painted desert at different times.

We stopped for lunch along the way at a waffle place.  The place had both sweet and savory waffles.  It also had a gift shop with beautiful handcrafted items from the area (Kwazulu Natal).  But one of the first things we noticed when we pulled in was a putt putt golf course.  Which of course we decided to try.  The last time I played putt putt was on a cruise a year ago March.  That was an interesting game, considering the extreme winds from the moving ship which meant the ball wouldn’t stay still for you to hit it with the putter.  But anyway, we ate yummy waffles and played putt putt.  I didn’t do so well but it was a lot of fun.

We got to where we were staying around dinner time and decided to walk to dinner.  We thought is was about 1 km to the place (an easy walk).  Turns out it was much longer (oops!).  Still it was nice to walk after spending so much time cooped up in a car.  After a yummy dinner a few of us decided to walk back.  We tried to walk on the beach, but that didn’t quite work, so we found another short cut back.  I love the sound of waves at night and thoroughly enjoyed being on the beach.  And it was warm.  Not hot, but warm enough that a long sleeve t-shirt was plenty.  That was so nice, considering how cold it had been in Lesotho leading up to the trip.

On Saturday was a McDonalds trip for breakfast.  For those who don’t understand, there is no McDonald’s in Lesotho.  So, most people love to have it if it is nearby.  I personally could go either way.  Then we went to Ushaka and headed to the mall after.  There I went ice skating and a couple of us decided to go see the new Star Trek movie.  It was a really good movie.  After that we headed back to where we were staying.

Sunday was a beach day.  And it was warm enough to go in the water.  The Indian Ocean is beautiful.  I thoroughly enjoyed laying on the beach, reading a book and listening to the waves.  I also enjoyed getting in the water and jumping waves.  God’s creation is amazing.

Monday we headed back to Lesotho.  Along the way we stopped at a chocolate place and a couple of our group tried chocolate fondue.  I did not partake, but it did look quite yummy.  The chocolate shop was in an area with a  couple different shops – a cheese shop, book store, candle making shop, and a few other things.

We drove again through Golden Gate and saw a bit more wildlife then on Friday.  We stopped in Clarens for dinner and got back to Lesotho around 9 pm.

All in all a fun trip and I’m glad I got to see more of South Africa.  It was nice to get away, especially to someplace warm.  I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had since moving to Africa and look forward to the future ones.

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2 thoughts on “Durban

  1. Debbie Abernethy

    Kristen I thought it was winter where you are now. Just curious how you could lay at the beach and swim!

    • It is winter here and cold in Lesotho, but over on the coast in Durban, it’s a lot warmer. The weather was beautiful and warm enough to go in the ocean.

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