I was reading a blog post a little bit ago and it broke my heart.  It talked about how Compassion International works to prevent kids from becoming orphans, by helping families pay school fees and things like that.  It also mentions how children are better off in their biological families then in adoptive families.

In Lesotho they have a similar view.  The first choice for a child is to be placed with a family member.  If no family members want the child, then they are put up for adoption.  But most of all, a child belongs in a family.  We have 72 children here on campus and my prayer for all of them is to be placed in a family, either biological or adoptive.

One thing this blog post discussed is sometimes mothers have to make a choice.  Do you continue to pay for your daughter to go to school or do you pay for food for your family?  Sometimes this choice gets even more basic, do you pay for the medication or the food needed for your new child or do you feed your other children?  Do you feed your horse, which helps provide income, or do you feed your family?

Sometimes mothers get to the point where they feel they have no choice.  They can’t make ends meet, they can’t care for their child.  They don’t know what to do.  Their husband won’t accept the child or care for the child.  The child was conceived in rape.  Whatever the reason is, they abandon their child.

How does a mother get to the point where they think their only option is to leave their child on the side of the road?  What makes a mother think it is okay to throw their child down a pit latrine?  How can a mother leave her child in the middle of the woods?  Do some of them wait, watching to make sure their child is picked up?

How do you get to this point?

Sometimes a mother comes to the conclusion that she can’t care for her child and loves her child enough to give the child up.  She fills out the necessary paperwork so the child can be placed in a care center and be placed with an adoptive family, but this is the rare case.  Most of the time a child is just abandoned somewhere.

Beautiful Gate was founded because the founder went to the hospital and saw 4 babies in the hall.  Their mothers had delivered them and then walked out the front door, abandoning their children.  She saw a need and worked to fill the need.

How does a person get to the point of abandoning their child?

Please pray for mothers here in Lesotho.  Pray children won’t be abandoned, but if a mother cannot care for her child, pray the mother signs the necessary paperwork so the child can be adopted.  Pray all abandoned children will be found, no matter where they are abandoned, and placed in a good home.  Pray for World Vision (Compassion doesn’t work in Leostho) here in Lesotho as they work to prevent children from being orphaned by abandonment.

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