God is Amazing

I am in constant amazement of the many things God is doing here at Beautiful Gate and in Lesotho.  When I first arrived here apparently I used “amazing” a lot and I pronounced it “Ah-maz-ing” saying all three syllables.  It was enough that I was pretty annoying, according to later joking.  We all have random quirks and that was mine, at least when I first got here.  I think I’ve grown out of that.

Yet, through the past couple days I’ve been inspired to say “amazing” yet again (no, not the same way).  I have truly been amazed at some of the things God has done and in awe of His many blessings.  The sad thing is a year ago I probably would have brushed some of these things off, not realizing the miracle in each of them.

Yesterday, a little boy who is three got hearing aids.  If he has ever heard anything, it would have been years ago.  A couple months back his ears were drained of fluid that was stopping him from hearing, but unfortunately this did not allow for him to hear.  Yesterday, he heard.  He can hear!  How amazing must that be for him?  I wasn’t there when he received his hearing aids, but wow, he can hear!  God is pretty amazing.

Today I went out to playgroup to play with a few kids and get away from my desk for a few minutes.  I see one of our playgroup coordinators helping a child walk.  I see it is one that is special needs, who is 3 and she takes a couple steps on her own.  I run into my office to grab my camera, so excited!  I come back out and take a few pictures.  Apparently she started walking last week.  She can only take a few steps and then she falls down, but a few steps is so great.  She is walking, despite any limitations she may have.  God is amazing.

On Tuesday we received a new child who is 4 years old.  She is malnourished and was not cared for very well for her first 4 years.  But she is now in a home where she is fed and loved.  She will come up to me and I pick her up giving her hugs.  She gives me a big smile.  Despite all she’s been through, she smiles.  She just wants to be loved.  God is amazing.

Today we received a 10 day old child.  She is beautiful, in fact her name means beauty.  She is a blessing.  She was abandoned at probably a day or two old an then she was in the hospital for a bit.  I went to meet her and she was sleeping, so precious.  God is amazing.

I just spent time in one of our houses here and played with the kids, held the babies and had some fun.  This is my job.  I get to see new things and see children grow each and every day.  I get to celebrate in the milestones, seeing malnourished child gain weight, seeing a learn to walk, watching a child meet their forever family for the first time.  So yet again I have to say, God is amazing.

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