Farewells and Matches…Prayer Request

One of the hardest things about being here is how often you have to say goodbye.  This past week I said goodbye to Allan and Donna, two volunteers that have been here the whole time I’ve been here and for many years before that.  I’ve also said goodbye to one of our children who was reunified with her parents.

The thing is, sometimes the goodbyes are joyous.  These usually happen when a child is adopted or reunified.  I love seeing our children placed in loving families.  It’s the dream all of us here have for our children.  We want them in forever families, families who love them and care for them and who will do that for the rest of their lives.

Every two months the Ministry of Social Development holds a matching meeting.  This is where the central adoption authority of Lesotho takes all of the children who are up for adoption’s profiles and all of the parents who are seeking to adopt’s profiles and matches them up if they fit.  So, if a person requests a boy who is 2-4 and their is a boy available who is between the ages 2 and 4, they get matched.  Or something like that.  I’ve never attended a matching meeting.

The last couple meetings, we’ve had three children who haven’t been matched.  We’ve had other matches, but these three kids are special needs, they are harder to match.  Special needs for adoption means more than special needs in the United States.  A child who is over the age of 5 is special needs for adoption, as is a child who is HIV positive.  Sibling sets are special needs, since it takes a lot for a family to be willing to adopt more than one child at a time.  And of course a child who is regularly special needs (i.e. cerebral palsy) is still considered special needs.

My prayer going into this matching meeting at the end of this month is that every child brought forth for adoption will be matched into a family.  This would be all those brought by Beautiful Gate, Ministry of Hope, or any other orphanage who has children ready to be adopted.  I’d love it if there were parent profiles for every child who needs a home.

The thing is I will be sad when these children leave, but I will be so glad they are in good homes.  Please join me in praying for homes for all of the children at Beautiful Gate.  Pray for reunifications and adoptions.  Pray that at the matching meeting all children will be matched whose paperwork is ready.

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4 thoughts on “Farewells and Matches…Prayer Request

  1. Debbie Abernethy

    Reminds me a lot of “The Orphan Train”.

  2. M

    Hoping that all kids will have loving families! But what happens to the 3 that were not matched?

    • Well, we don’t know if they will be matched yet. But if they are not matched, they will continue to be put forth for adoption in the future.

  3. M

    I sincerely hope that yesterday’s meeting was successful and that these 3 children with special needs were matched with families?!?! (and the other kids with complete paperwork of course!)

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