Settling In

We have kids arrive here quite often.  Sometimes they are a day old child who was abandoned.  Sometimes they are an older child who was removed from a bad situation.  They each have a story and a past.

Tonight a child who was about a week old arrived.  He will hopefully only be here overnight, as his mother is in the hospital.  We will know more tomorrow as to her condition.

Tonight as I was carrying this child to his house for the night I wondered what the children must be thinking when they arrive here.  Are they scared?  Are they sad?  Are they happy to be in a place where they will be fed?  Do they even know what is going on?

This child was too young to probably understand what was happening, but we get children in up to the age of 5.  Sometimes a child arrives and they don’t know how to act.  They just want to be held and loved, maybe because they were never held or loved before they came here.

Or if they never received regular meals, they often will try to take other children’s food after they eat their own.  They don’t understand yet that they will get another meal.

One of the most amazing things is when you can tell a child has settled in.  Recently we had a 4 year old come to Beautiful Gate.  She came from a situation of neglect.  When she arrived she was warmly welcomed into her house.  Over the next couple weeks, she would often run right up to me for a hug and just wanted to be held.  She didn’t play with the other kids in her house, tending to sit quietly while they were running around.  Now, she runs around with her housemates.  She still comes up to me for hugs, but then she will run off to go play with the others.  She has settled in.

Some children it takes a short time to settle in and others it takes longer.

I remember when the 12 children arrived late one night in March.  They were all so scared.  They had been taken from the place they called home (an orphanage that closed) and brought to Beautiful Gate.  The next day I saw them in playgroup and they were unsure of themselves, but they had each other.  Yet now, if you didn’t know who they were, you wouldn’t know they were the 12 that arrived.  They get along with the other kids so well and fit in.  They have settled in.

So, what goes through the mind the kids when they arrive here?  I don’t know, but I ask for you to pray for them.  Pray for them to adjust and settle in to Beautiful Gate.  Most of all please pray for families for each of these little ones.

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