A Mother’s Heart

A mother’s love is very powerful.  From the time a child is born, she is in love.  She cares for her child.  At least that is what I’ve heard.

Here at Beautiful Gate we have mothers.  They are the housemothers to all the children here.  As soon as a child comes to Beautiful Gate, they treat these children as if they are their own.  They love them and care for them all the days they are here.

A couple weeks ago a child arrived who was abandoned in a church.  Her mother left her with a bag full of clothes, a couple bottles, some nappies (diapers) and other things she would need.  She wanted her child to be cared for.

Today the child was reunited with her family.  The mother’s grandmother will be caring for the child.  When the little girl’s housemother brought her in, the grandmother was so excited.  You could tell she already cared for the child.

You could also tell the housemother truly cared for the child.  When reunifications happen here at Beautiful Gate, we pray over the child before she leaves.  I asked the housemother to pray, but after saying “Father God” (in Sesotho) she couldn’t speak anymore.  She was crying.  She loved this child as her own, even though this child had only been here a couple weeks.

It’s amazing to see the housemothers’ love to the children here.  For most of them, if not all, this is a calling, not a job.  They love these children and care for them very much.

When a child leaves Beautiful Gate, it is always a bittersweet day.  We are happy to see the child in a family, but sad to see them go, because we love them.  The housemothers understand this, but I can’t imagine how they feel having their hearts broken each time a child leaves.

Pray for the care staff as we have many upcoming adoptions and many hearts will be broken when the goodbyes are said.  Praise Him for the many matches we have and the new forever families being formed.  Pray for the forever families as they adjust to being in a family.

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