One Year

One year ago today I arrived in Lesotho and what a year it has been.  Last year, on my first day in Lesotho, I experienced my first adoption ceremony.  Today I led one.

It is so special to be a part of an adoption ceremony.  A couple months back I took part by presenting the gifts to the family.  But today our social worker wasn’t feeling well and she asked me to lead the ceremony.

This ceremony was very special to me as it was for two little boys, both going to Canada.  One was a family who is very sweet.  This was their first child and they were so excited to take their child home.  The other was a mother who has been in Lesotho as a missionary for 8 years.  She has a husband and two adopted children who have already returned to Canada.  They are waiting for her to join them with their new family member.

The first family had a lot of new experiences over the past couple weeks.  They were bonding with their son.  They got to see Lesotho and the country where their son is from.  He is 1, so he may not remember Lesotho, but now they’ve seen it and can tell him all about it.

The second family I happen to know.  The mother attends one of my Bible studies.  She’s been asking for prayer that they will be matched.  I don’t know her well, but it was really neat knowing the person and family this child was going to.

The first child has been pretty healthy while he’s been here.  He’s been very active in his house and his housemother said it’s been quiet since he’s been gone.

The second child has been sick for a long time.  He was extremely malnourished for many of the months he was here and with his health issues he wasn’t eating.  He received one on one care from one of the volunteers and one of the staff at some point (not at the same time).  He was put on a feeding tube and that is when things started to improve.  He’s had so many people around the world praying for him.  My Bible study was praying for him and he is doing so well!  God has healed him.

One neat thing about this little boy and this story is the mother and a lot of her friends were praying for this little boy before she even knew he was her son.  I love how God works!

It is so wonderful to see these children in their homes.  I miss them.  I walk into the house and see an empty bed, one where I am used to seeing a child and I miss him.  But they are in a better place, they have a family, a mom and dad who love them and one has two sisters who will spoil him.

During this past year I’ve seen many children come and go.  I’ve seen many forever families formed and children reunified with their biological families.  I’ve mourned the deaths of five children and celebrated the health of many more.  I’ve fallen in love and been heartbroken repeatedly with the children here.  I’ve met people from all over the world and I can now say I have friends from Australia, New Zealand, England, Holland, South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Canada, the US, and probably some countries I’m forgetting about.

I’m so thankful for the many blessings and experiences I’ve had this past year and I look forward to what the next year entails.

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One thought on “One Year

  1. Bob Baker

    Congrats Kristen! A year in the book of “Yes”

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