Lions and Bats and Ants, oh my!

I’ve been absent from blogging about things for a couple weeks.  My Mom was here for two weeks and then we went to Cape Town for a week, so I’m playing catch up.

One of the weekends my Mom was here we went to Tempelhof and Clarens for the weekend.  We had quite the adventure.

On Thursday morning we left Lesotho around 10 am and went to Ladybrand to run some errands and go to Living Life for brunch.

living life

After that we headed up to Tempelhof, making a couple stops along the way at The Cabin and the cherry place to souvenir shop and check out the neat places.

Thursday night we overnighted at Tempelhof.  We stayed in a cabin that borders the enclosure where the goats are.  This used to be the cheetah enclosure for all who have been there.  They’ve recently sold their cheetahs since the cheetahs were not breeding.

The cabin was really nice so we opened the windows and the door to let air in, it was a warm day.  We walked around and saw the lions and other animals, enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

We saw the couple month old lions.

lions young

And then we saw the older lions, one of the cubs I held in earlier trips to Tempelhof.

mid lions

That night we settled in the cabin to relax, hearing the lions talking in the background.  Then a bat started flying around inside the house.  So, we opened the door and windows again to try to get the bat to fly out.  We thought he was gone, so we closed it up again (didn’t want bugs).  Then the bat started flying around again.  This happened many times until finally he flew out the door.  It was quite the adventure.

The next morning we got up and again enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  We saw baby lions, less than a month old.

baby lions

We got to hold the 4 month old lions.  One decided my neck would taste good.

lion licking


One tried to take a bite out of Mom’s leg playfully.

From there we headed up to Clarens.  We ended up staying in a nice studio apartment.  We explored Clarens a bit that afternoon and then went for a drive in Golden Gate Park.  We went around sunset so we could see the animals and did we see animals.  It was quite enjoyable.  We saw hundreds of kudu, zebra, springbok, and other types of deer.  We didn’t see any baboons, but it was neat to see the animals all around.  They even crossed the road right in front of us.





And we got to see a pretty sunset.


We headed back to where we were staying, parked the car up the hill and walked down the sidewalk – bad idea!  As we were walking down the sidewalk, there were so many ants and they decided we would taste good.  They started biting (yes, we were wearing shoes).  Suddenly we moved a lot faster.  Once we reached our room, we both had to rinse our feet off and rinse out our shoes to make sure to get rid of the ants.

Other than that, it was an uneventful night.

The next morning we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and then explored Clarens a bit.  I even got to see a friend who was there while waiting to deliver her baby in a nearby town – Bethlehem.  We headed back to Lesotho and arrived early afternoon.

It was a very enjoyable weekend, just nice to get away and spend time with my Mom.

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