Street Ministry

The last month has been crazy and fun and blessed in so many ways.  I’ve hung out with my Mom, went to Cape Town, been to Zimbabwe and ladies retreat.  I want to tell you all about it and I will, in time.

The Friday before I left for Zimbabwe I tried a new ministry.  My church and a partner organization, Beautiful Dream Society started a street ministry a little over a month ago.  Due to prior engagements, I wasn’t able to join until tonight.  To explain a little, Beautiful Dream Society is an anti-human trafficking organization who works to rescue women from their trafficking situations and rehabilitate them and help them reintegrate into society.  The street ministry is modeled after one in Bloemfontein and is aimed at prostitutes, women who feel as if they have nowhere else to turn to take care of themselves or their families, if they have families.

So, a group of us went out to hand out sandwiches, scarves and to talk with the ladies.  It turned out to be a semi-cold night so the scarves were definitely helpful.  The group that went out had multiple girls and only one guy so at our first stop, some of use stayed in the car and prayed for the people talking with the ladies we met on the street.  I was one of those in the car.

At the second stop, I headed out with sandwiches in my pocket.  The ladies at this stop recognized those that had been there before and knew we would have food.  They were so hungry, you could tell.  They started eating the sandwiches right then.  The ladies asked us to pray with them that they would have the means to pay their rent and for food.

We did one last stop and most of the conversation there was in Sesotho, so I don’t know what was said, but it seemed like the girls were interested in what we had to say.  One thing we try to do is invite them to church.  Also, Beautiful Dream Society has rescued one of the girls off the streets one of the nights they went out and had them in their safe house until the girl decided to leave.

The next Sunday, we sang the following song in church.

There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain
To break every chain
To break every chain

My prayer after going out on Friday and meeting these ladies was that God would break these chains surrounding them.  The chains holding them in that lifestyle.  That He would provide them the resources to pay their rent and food without having to sell their bodies.  These ladies did not want to do this, but they felt they had no other choice.  Lord please help them to see other choices and to feel the love of Christ.  Help them to realize they are loved by the Creator and are worth it.

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