Mom’s last night in Lesotho

So, my Mom was in Lesotho for two weeks.  She got to witness an adoption ceremony of two families and a reunification.  She helped where needed and she got to see why I love these children.  We took a weekend excursion to Tempelhof and Clarens, which I wrote about a couple weeks ago.  We went to dinner with some friends and she met a few other of my friends at church or Bible Study.  Mostly we just spent time together.  Whether it was researching family history in my room one night or watching Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva at night, we enjoyed having time together.  I miss my Mom.  It was interesting to see Beautiful Gate through her eyes.

Her last night in Lesotho she wanted to go somewhere to watch the sunset.  Usually we go to Lancer’s Gap to watch the sunset, but it turns out the usual spot is where they are now building a house, so I took her to the Lesotho Sun to watch the sunset and have dinner.  As my Mom put it, it was our Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and birthday dinner.  And it was a beautiful sunset.

sunset mom

sunset mom 2

sunset mom 3

We spent one more week together in Cape Town after our two weeks in Lesotho.  The details of that trip will happen in another post.  I’m so thankful my Mom was able to come visit me here, to understand my heart.  I miss her very much and look forward to seeing her again when I return to the states.

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2 thoughts on “Mom’s last night in Lesotho

  1. Deanna Mann

    I’m so happy you and your Mom had this opportunity to be together and share such treasured memories. Such a blessing.

  2. Chris Mann

    I treasured our time together and now I really miss you even more. I know that what you are doing is important and I am so proud of the woman you have become but you will still always be my little girl. Love, Mom

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