Yesterday we had an adoption ceremony for three new forever families!  Such a joyous occasion to see these new families and how much they love their new children.  These three children, like all the others were near and dear to my heart.

One was my little singer.  I’d go out to playgroup and start a song and he would start singing it in a beautiful little boy voice.  I knew I wouldn’t be here when his parents came to pick him up so I made sure to spend some quality time with him before I left.  I’d go out to playgroup and just hold him.  One day I sat down and he sat in my lap and he sang to me multiple songs.  It was beautiful.  Sometimes I’m like, this is my job?  How blessed can I be?

Yesterday I said goodbye to him and gave him a big hug.  I told him I loved him and he told me he loved me.  Wow, again I say I’m so blessed.  I will miss this beautiful child with a big heart and wonderful voice.  But I am so happy to see how excited his family is to have him be a part of it.

Another was a little boy I’ve come to know as I’ve been helping in his house off and on.  He always cries if I’m there and he’s not allowed out of his crib.  He doesn’t necessarily want to be held, he just wants to be with people. He has a wonderful and easy smile.  He is a happy boy as long as he can hang out with others.  The house will seem completely different without him there.

I had no idea he was leaving when I left for Zimbabwe.  His adoption was sped up and we didn’t know it would happen so fast.  So, when I came back and found out he was gone, I was sad and happy all at the same time.  He’s at such a great age to be getting a family.  He’s about one and a half.  So, yesterday I got to say goodbye to him and hold him.  He remembered me and reached for me when I held out my arms for a hug.  Such a sweetie and so loved by his new parents.

The third was a little girl who was part of the 12 who arrived in one night.  She has always been stingy with her smiles, but when she does smile, she lights up a room.  Lately she’s been coming up to me more for hugs and to be held.  She is such a beautiful little girl.  It’s so delightful to see her in a family.

Her new family is a local family.  She will actually live in this area.  I hope to see her every once in a while as she grows up.  She clung to her new mother yesterday during the ceremony and you could see how delighted her mother was in her.  Other members of her family came to the ceremony and it’s great to see that she is going to have a family around her.

Last week we held another adoption ceremony for another child who met his family while I was in Zimbabwe.  This was another of the 12 children and the first to be adopted.  This little boy was all boy.  He would run around and play with kids bigger than him.  He may have been an older child but he is such a small boy.  He had a smile on his face and just enjoyed life.

His mother seemed to take such delight in him.  She already loves him so much.  I love that.  She friended me on Facebook so I can follow her pictures as he grows up.  I’m looking forward to seeing him as he grows into a young man.

Another little boy, one of the 12, will soon be returning to his family.  This little guy caught my heart the second day he was here.  I’d make a face and he’d crack the biggest smile.  He hasn’t stopped smiling since.  He’s a joyful child who loves life.  He loves to read and play with the other children.  Such a delight.

There are a lot of child movements happening.  A lot of families formed.  Children who are now in families.  I am so blessed to be able to see this happening, to be here.  Thank You Lord for Your many blessings.

There is another matching meeting on November 29.  Please pray for all the children brought forth to be matched with families.  Thank you!

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