Cape Town Take 2

The next day we slept in a little.  I hadn’t been feeling too well since Cape of Good Hope, with a headache and a bit of a cough, so I slept in.  Shelley went to church at a Hillsong church she found in Cape Town.  My Mom and I checked out the little marketplace right outside our hotel.  Later that evening, we went to my friend, Megs’s, church in Cape Town and went out to dinner after.  It was great to see Megs again, as I hadn’t seen her since I left the US.  She left to return to South Africa right after I left the US.  And I got to see her again last week when she was here with the team from my church, but more on that in another post..

Monday, we went to Robbin Island and had a tour done by one of the former political prisoners.  If you are ever in Cape Town, I highly recommend going to Robbin Island.  We got to see Nelson Mandela’s cell and where he worked.  We heard the stories of different prisoners and how the island went from a prison to a leper colony back to a prison and is now a historical site.  Below are some pictures of the prison and Nelson Mandela’s cell.

mandela cell


Robbin Island


Robbin Island2


Robbin Island3

The island also gave us beautiful views of Table Mountain and Cape Town.

Robbin Island4


Robbin Island 5

The boat ride on the way back at times felt like a roller coaster which was fun, as long as you don’t get sea sick.  Normally I don’t, but the last 5-10 minutes of the ride made me happy to get off.  I still enjoyed the first half or more of the ride though.

After that, we went and had lunch and then went to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.


Here we decided to split up and wonder around the gardens.  We all wanted to see different things.  I decided to try out as many paths as I could including one that went through the woods and up stairs.










I enjoyed taking some of the paths that are less traveled.  I went up pretty far in Kirstenbosch, which is on the back side of Table Mountain.  I got so far that I turned around and saw this sign:


Apparently, I walked right out of Kirstenbosch.  By that time I was pretty tired and I had to meet Shelley and Mom pretty soon so I started heading back down.  I got turned around once or twice, but I found my way back.  Kirstenbosch was beautiful.  Here are a few more pictures from my wanderings.




All in all another great day in Cape Town!
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