A Fighter

A child came into Beautiful Gate around this time last year.  This child was a couple months old and he was very sick.  He had many illnesses contributing to his sickness, yet he was a fighter.

Over the next couple months he was in and out of the hospital.  My roommate at the time, Terp, took him into our home overnight to do night feedings, so the Bo’Mme could get sleep.  She did this for a couple weeks.  He improved during this time a bit, gaining a bit of weight.

He soon returned to his house and ended up back in the hospital yet again.  He was so malnourished and he just wouldn’t gain weight.  Getting him to eat was very hard, because he was always coughing.  As soon as you tried to feed him, he would start coughing.  Yet, if you looked into his eyes, you’d know he was a fighter.

After having the same issues and him being in and out of the hospital and another week or two of night feedings by Terp, he eventually was given a feeding tube.  Suddenly he started gaining weight.  We would celebrate each .1 kg he would gain.  It was so exciting to see this child start to get healthy.

As he gained weight, he suddenly always wanted to play or stand up.  He never wanted to just lay in his crib.  He had the energy to do things and he wanted to do them.

His feeding tube was removed and he maybe went back in the hospital one more time, but around this point he turned a corner.  He finally had the weight on him to be able to fight back.

Over the next couple months we began to see more and more of his big personality, the personality that was only seen in his eyes before.  We got to enjoy playing with him, seeing him get a big smile when someone walked into the room, watching him grow, watching him fill out and almost become chubby.

So many people worked together to get him healthy, his housemothers, a relief worker who was assigned to him 24/7 while he had a feeding tube, Terp, our nurses, the doctors at Baylor, and the many people around the world who prayed for him each and every day.

In August, this little boy was matched with a family and in October he went home with his forever family as a healthy and happy baby boy.

This little boy’s story has shown me so much of God’s grace and mercy over the past year.  God healed this little boy, through prayers and loving hands.  There were times during the past year where we weren’t sure if he would survive, but God knew.  God performed a miracle through this little boy.

A friend of mine is the one who adopted him and when I was on ladies’ retreat, I was able to hold him and play with him.  It was such a blessing to see how happy and adjusted he is in his family.  God has a heart for adoption and you can see it in each adoptive family.  Yet again, I put God in a box and He broke free and showed me how much bigger He is than the box and how much more He can do when we just let go and let Him handle things.

So thankful for God’s grace, mercy and healing for this little boy and so many others.

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One thought on “A Fighter

  1. Debbie Bonner

    Yep, nothing God can’t do! Blessed be God forever!!!!

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