What has to happen to make a mother feel the only choice she has is to abandon her one year old daughter with a bag of supplies and an umbrella to keep the sun off her?  Obviously the child is loved and was cared for.  How do you get to that point?

This story above is one of the many that have broken my heart since I arrived in Lesotho.  It is just an example of the types of stories I hear about our children here.  Stories of desperation and pain.

I don’t understand how someone can abandon their child, yet I see the poverty in Lesotho everyday.  On my way home from church on Sunday, I saw two kids digging through the trash on the side of the road.  While they may have been digging for toys, they also could have been digging for food.

As I’m driving around time I see people begging for money on the side of the road.

I look out my back window and see people walking by carrying water home, because they don’t have running water.

Imagine having to make a choice – abandon your child in hopes they will be found and cared for or watch your child slowly die from malnutrition or HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis or something else.  Can you imagine every having to make that decision?  Can  you imagine the desperation these mothers must feel?

I recently read an article about a man in South Korea who has set up baby boxes to try to save the children who otherwise would be abandoned on the side of the road or killed by their parents.  He is providing a safe place for a desperate mother to leave her child.  This allows the child to live and go to a good home.  The mother gives up her rights to the child by doing this.  But it saves the child and the child will hopefully have a forever family one day.

Children are abandoned every day around the world, not just in Africa or South Korea.  I remember hearing stories of children found in the trash in America or thrown out a window, in addition to the thousands killed by abortion.  This man provided a solution to help save the children.

It’s been two years since I was called to Africa.  Two years of joy and heartbreak.  Two years of stepping into the unknown to follow God’s plan for my life.  Two years of knowing I am in God’s plan.

These past two years have been an amazing, heartbreaking, wonderful adventure.  I’ve experienced so many firsts and I have learned so much.  I’ve learned so much about the heart of God for the fatherless around the world.  I’ve fallen in love with the children of Beautiful Gate, God’s children, the fatherless.  I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful country of Lesotho and its people.  I’ve had my heart broken in so many pieces that I never thought it could be put back together again, yet God is still able to use me – brokenness and weaknesses and all.

I do not regret my decision to say yes to God’s call.  Two years ago, He called me and I said “I’m all in.”  Today I am here, broken, yet so much closer to Him then I was two years ago.

I am so thankful the Lord called me here to this beautiful country to serve Him and His beautiful children.

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