A Special Child

Yesterday I was sitting in Bible study listening to Beth Moore do her part of the Deeper Still series.  During her talk she mentioned a friend of her’s family.  They are both doctors and they have a son who is special needs.  It sounded like he has severe epilepsy.  The story she told was when he went to the special Olympics.  He was a runner and he was way behind everyone else.  He was only half way when everyone else finished.  Despite being so far behind, everyone started cheering for him.

When he finished the race, he stopped right before the finish line and jumped to reach the finish line.  Everyone was cheering for him.  When it came time to do the medal ceremony, he was called forward, he had won the gold!  His parents later asked how he won the gold when he was so far behind, turns out he was the only one who stayed in his lane.

It’s funny how God can use stories like this to touch my heart and teach me something.  The thing about this boy was he had a huge smile on his face the whole time and he hugged everyone.  He hugged the person who gave him the medal and everyone.

There is a child here who is special needs (we actually have a couple special needs children, but I’m focusing on one here).  He has a couple things that combine to give him some problems.  Last year they tried to put him in preschool, but it didn’t work, he kept having tantrums.  This year is different.  He is able to go to school and seems to be doing well.  I am so thankful that he is doing well and he’s getting the opportunity to go to school.

This child is such an amazing child.  Rarely do I see him without a smile on his face.  When I call his name, he goes “Ausi Mpho” and comes up to me with his arms up ready for a hug.  He is such a great kid.

What breaks my heart with him is he would do so well in a family setting.  He would thrive with the one-on-one attention he could get there.  Maybe someday he would participate in the Special Olympics.

I pray this child will someday have a family.  I pray God will slow the things going on with him health-wise and heal him.  I am so thankful to have met this child and gotten to know him.

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One thought on “A Special Child

  1. Debbie Abernethy

    Kristen you are such a special person, truely. I think God put you here to love all of thise children. Because you do it so freely. I am sure they love you also.

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