A Beautiful Experience

So, the sun is back to shining and tomorrow should be a great day.  We have a family coming to meet their new children for the first time.  I love Gotcha Days!

A couple days ago I was asked by our Social Worker to show these children the book made for them by their new family, a book containing pictures of the family.  I’ve seen this done before, but I’ve never been the one to do it.

So, Saturday morning I took the two children to the library and showed them their book.  I tried to explain who each person was, using the little bit of Sesotho I know to explain who they are.  They looked through the book many times and then I took them back to their house so they could have lunch.

The next day in the evening I went again to show them their book.  They were so excited to see it again.  This time I went through it with them once, but after that allowed them to go through it on their own.  The older child started explaining it to his younger sister in Sesotho.  And I heard him say my mother in Sesotho, not just mother, but my mother.  He was getting it!

The next night when I showed up to show them again, they were so excited.  The older brother wanted to see his family and remembered pretty well who everyone was.  The younger sister is at an age where I think she understands some, but doesn’t fully understand what is going on.  When we came back from them looking at the book, he wanted to show it to one of his housemoms, the one that wasn’t their over the weekend.  She oohed and ahed over it.

These children are so excited to meet their parents and I’m sure the parents feel the same.

I can’t even imagine what is going on in their minds.  My little brother is adopted and I remember being pretty excited to have him be part of the family, but he was an infant.  He never knew anything other than being part of our family.  These children are older, they remember their family before coming to Beautiful Gate, they will remember Beautiful Gate once they leave.  What goes on in their minds?

I remember a couple months back a sibling set leaving Beautiful Gate with their adoptive family.  The younger sister seemed like she didn’t fully understand what was going on, but her older brother was 8 and he was getting a family.  He had the biggest smile on his face the day he met his parents.  I missed his adoption ceremony, but I heard he cried a little at it.  Beautiful Gate was his home for only a short time, less than a year, but it was a stable home where he felt loved and he was cared for.  I know he was excited to go to his new home, but he was also sad to leave his Beautiful Gate family.  Again I wonder what was going through his mind?

Seeing this side of adoption gives me a new appreciation for adoptive families.  They will have to deal with any emotions that come from whatever history the child may have, especially if the child is older.  They also get the joy of providing a child in need a home.

I am so thankful for adoptive families and for the blessing of getting to see children see and meet their parents for the first time!  Please join me in praying for these families.

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