How often do we take advantage of the little things?  Things like the fact that if we go to the faucet in the morning to wash our hands, water will come out?  Or go to get a glass of water, we can just grab it from the faucet?

Those are things I’ve often taken advantage of over the years, yet for the last year and a half I haven’t been able to get a glass of water from the faucet.  And for the past two days, I haven’t been able to get water to wash my hands.

So, what do I do?  We have some reserve water for just this purpose in case the water goes out, so I’ve poured a little in the sink with a stopper and washed my hands.  We also have the resources to go to the store and buy water so we have drinking water.

The water’s been out in Maseru for 2 days and they originally said 3 days.  They are trying to fix an issue caused by flooding from all the recent rains, including the filtering plant being broken.  A friend in town said her water is back, but it’s brown.  And it possibly contains cholera, along with the other diseases it usually carries.

We here at Beautiful Gate will get by, our Bo’Me boil the water and will continue to do so, just may have to boil it a bit longer.  Us volunteers have a filter to get out most diseases, etc.  But what about those that don’t have access to a filter?  Who don’t have electricity?  Who may not have heard that they need to boil the water?

What about those that haven’t had the funds to go out and buy water these past couple days?  Who didn’t know the water was going to go out and didn’t have time to prepare?

Clean water is an issue all over Africa, not just Lesotho.  Usually our water is pretty good, we still boil or filter it, but those who have grown up with it do not and they do fine with the water.

Yesterday, when I walked with my roommate to get water from the pond for flushing the toilet, I was thankful we have that resource.  I was thankful for indoor plumbing, but I thought about those who this is their normal life.  I see people go by my back window getting water for their family on a regular basis.

I am so thankful for all the blessings I have and I pray the water will not make anyone sick.  Please join me in praying for Lesotho as the water is turned back on and it may not be very clean.  Pray all repairs will be finished soon.  Please join me in praying for all of Africa that clean water will be prevalent soon.

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