Saying Goodbye

Sometimes God puts people in your life to live life with for a time.  And sometimes He puts people in your life to live life with for a lifetime.

Here in Lesotho I feel like it is a series of hellos and goodbyes.  New volunteers, teams, other missionaries…hello…goodbye.  You get to know someone only to have to say goodbye to them a week, month, year later.

Throughout my time here I’ve made some amazing friends.  People who I hope to know for many more years, yet how often will we see each other?  How often will we get to give each other a hug and say hi in person?

My friends are doing amazing things for God.  They are from all over the world and all over the US.  They are still in the field or back home in America serving Him there.  They are people who have spoken truth into my life and loved me through some hard times.

It’s funny how fast you go deep here.  You know your time is limited.  The initial questions when you meet someone is where are you from, where are you serving, and how long will you be here?  It’s so easy to not take the time to get to know someone if they won’t be here long, but that could lead to missing out on some amazing friendships.  It would bring less heartache, but aren’t we called to live life in fellowship with others?  Aren’t we to build up those around us?

A friend is heading home today.  She’s been here for 11 months and has become a close friend of mine.  I will miss her very much.  We have a plan to meet up with another friend, who left Lesotho last May, in Florida to go to Universal Studios.

We had a team a couple weeks ago.  One member of the team was my roommate for a month last year.  Other members I got to know during their time here.  They were here for a week.  I hope to visit them in England at some point in the future.

A couple from Australia were here when I first arrived at Beautiful Gate.  They welcomed me warmly and introduced me to people who became close friends of mine.  They moved back to Australia in August.  The husband is on a plane heading back to Lesotho for a month, but the wife is staying in Australia to work.  I hope to see them in Australia at some point in the future, but that trip is probably a year or two in the future.

Not to mention all the beautiful and wonderful people who are still here.  The wonderful woman who works with MAF and has such wisdom.  The beautiful family at Beautiful Gate who I consider my Lesotho family.  The roommate and housemates I’m living life with on a daily basis.  The family with a new child who I love dearly.  The ladies in my Thursday Bible study group.  The group of singles I hang out with regularly.  And the list goes on.  One day I will have to say goodbye to all of them with hopes of seeing them again, but no guarantees.

Well, there is one guarantee.  I will see them all in heaven.  So these goodbyes are temporary.

There is also Facebook, blogs, Skype, FaceTime, email, and so many other ways of keeping in touch these days, so at least I will be able to follow their lives.

So, will I see all these wonderful people who have spoken truth into my life and become like family to me again on this earth?  I don’t know.  What I do know is I will see them again in heaven if not before.

I am so thankful for the people God has brought into my life.  And even though the goodbyes are hard, I hope and pray to always have an open heart to everyone I meet so I don’t miss the opportunity to meet someone amazing even if I only know them for a short time.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with amazing friends here in Lesotho and now all over the world!

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