Things that make me smile

Recently, I’ve done a lot of serious posts.  Things that might make you think I’m not happy, so today I’m going to list things that make me smile.  These are mostly everyday things, some a little less so, but still quite often here.

1.  Looking out my office window and watching children play.


2.  A child’s smile.

3.  A child’s laugh.

4.  A hug from a child (or holding a baby).


5.  The care staff loving on their children.

6.  A storm on a hot day.

7.  A rainbow in the midst of a storm (or even a double rainbow!)


8.  A Gotcha day!

9.  Adoption Ceremonies.

10.  Older children helping younger children learning to walk.

11.  The cheerfulness and smiles of the staff.


12.  A beautiful day.


13.  Beautiful sunsets.


14.  Stars at night.

15.  A cool evening after a warm day.

16.  An email or message from a friend or family member.

17.  My roommate playing the guitar.

18.  News that a child will have a family.

19.  A child learning to walk.


20.  Health improvements in the children.

21.  Hearing the stories from new volunteers and teams as they fall in love with the children of Beautiful Gate.


22.  The hearts of the Geurink children.

23.  The Bo’Me singing.

24.  The children singing and praying.

25.  Knowing these children are loved and cared for.

So many things make me smile on a daily basis.  All of these are blessings from God.  He makes me smile in His love for me, these children, and the country of Lesotho.

Thank You Lord for Your many blessings!

“O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!”  ~ Psalm 118:1

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One thought on “Things that make me smile

  1. Debbie Abernethy

    Love to see you smile.

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