A Faceless, Nameless Child

There is a faceless child who I love.  A nameless child who I don’t know.  A child who I’ve never met.  A child who is loved by God.

This child has lost his parents.  This child was abandoned in a gutter.  This child was left in a plastic bag to die.  This child was thrown away with the trash.  This child was dropped in a pit latrine (think outhouse).

This child has a huge heart.  Yet it is hesitant.  It has known heartbreak.  It has known abandonment.  It has known the realities of a fallen world that no child should ever have to know so young.

Disease riddles this child’s body.  He is HIV positive or has tb or has so many other things that are life threatening.  This child is malnourished with arms and legs so skinny you wonder if there is anything but bone under the skin.

This child was abused mentally, physically or emotionally.  This child was left for days alone with no food.  He was left subject to the elements in a place far from home.

This beautiful child knows more about the harsh realities of the world than many adults.

Yet this child has hope.  This child was found.  This child was rescued from the harsh realities around him.  This child has a home.

This child is any child who comes to Beautiful Gate.  When they come, they are leaving a world behind them where they are unwanted or orphaned or abandoned.  They are welcomed into a world of love, of caring, of joy.

They are given a beautiful name filled with hope, if they are not already named.  They are provided for and shown the love of Jesus.  They are loved by not just me, but by all the staff and volunteers of Beautiful Gate.  They are loved by the other children here at BG and welcomed into their new family.

There was a faceless child I loved, now there is a child whose face I see.  There was a nameless child, but the child now has a name.  How do I explain the joy of a new child at Beautiful Gate?  Of knowing the child now has hope, access to health care, food, and love?  Joy.

The stories that come with the children are heartbreaking (the examples above are pulled from different children’s stories), but the children themselves are beautiful.  They are love.  And now they are shown love and have hope.

So grateful for the blessings of God and His love shown to all on this campus!

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One thought on “A Faceless, Nameless Child

  1. Wendy

    Lovely expression Kristen! So real and true!

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