You have my heart

Beautiful child, you have my heart.  As you look at me with big eyes, you’ve captured me.  You with the pink pants on who runs up to me as soon as you see me, you make me smile.  Little boy with a huge smile and big hugs, the first to crack the hard shell around my heart, you are loved.

My little singer who is now with his adoptive family, each time I heard you sing brought a huge smile to my face.  I saw another little boy I love wearing your shoes the other day and I smiled, remembering you and the joy you brought to Beautiful Gate.

Little boy who would run up to me and jump into my arms, I miss you.  I’m so grateful I still get to see you sometimes around town.

Little girl who for so long just ignored me but then suddenly just wanted to be cuddled or held, I love you.

Little boy who arrived so malnourished, but as soon as you had some food you perked right up, I’m going to miss you as hopefully soon you will be with your forever family.  You have shown me so much and your smile always makes me smile.

Little boy who taught me so much about healing and God’s grace, I miss seeing you everyday, but I’m so happy when I see you so healthy and happy in your family.

Little boy who captured my heart the day after you arrived, who gave me a huge smile just when I would make faces at you, I miss you.  I hope and pray you are well and happy with your family.

Little boy who arrived soon after I did, who I thought was a girl the first time I met you, who I held and hugged just yesterday after you came up to me and said “Ausi,” you stole my heart that first day.

And little girl who I held when you came in, who was named after me, who is now in Heaven, I look forward to a day when I will see you again.

Little children who I love, who have my heart, whose names, faces, hands, hugs, I won’t forget, you have taught me so much about God’s love.  Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “You have my heart

  1. beautiful! Such a special reminder of your days there and a reminder to us all to take joy in the moments with those we encounter along the way 🙂

  2. Wendy

    Lovely, Kristen.

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