Plans Change

It’s funny how you make plans and God changes them.

When I finished grad school in 2005, I wanted to work on Capitol Hill and become a Chief of Staff for a Member of Congress.  I did work for a Member in their district office and then in the DC office, but it wasn’t for me. God had other plans.

I’ve had a couple jobs since that time and I wasn’t a huge fan of them.  There were times they were a lot of fun, but other times where I just wanted to do something different.  But God had me there for a reason.  He taught me something in each place I’ve worked and each situation I go through.

Yesterday I had plans to go to lunch with a friend.  But God had other plans.

About 40 minutes before I was supposed to meet her for lunch a child needed to be picked up and taken to the hospital.  I figured I could move back my lunch and still make it.  But as we went to the different stops we needed to make, I realized lunch wasn’t going to happen.  Yet God still showed me something in those times.

One place we had to visit was a clinic.  The clinic had so many people there waiting to be seen by a doctor.  I was amazed.  I’ve been to the local hospital before, but mostly during the middle of the day.  Seeing the lines of people, remembering now my day in Bloem at the public hospital, I realize how grateful I am for the healthcare in the states.

God showed me what was important yesterday.  That my ministry is more important than my personal life.  He changed my plans.

I still got to meet up with my friend, we had tea after I finished running the child around and brought him back to campus.  I got a chance to talk to her and discuss what is going on in our lives.  And our time wasn’t as limited as it would have been if we’d met for lunch.

God is also changing plans in her life.  How can we know what is best?  How can we know what He wants?

I’m looking ahead to October, looking at flights home, where I want to stop along the way.  But the biggest question is what I do when I get home.  How am I going to get around?  Do I buy a car, is their one available to borrow for whatever time I am in the states (probably about a year)?  Do I get a job?  Is there one where I could work online and travel while I’m working?  Where do I go?  I want to visit people, do I start scheduling where I will be when or do I hold off until I get home?

Plans change.  God changes them.  Lord, please guide my future, guide my day, guide my life.

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2 thoughts on “Plans Change

  1. catschwartz

    As a mom and now grandmother, i think this is something i have seen a lot! Also, in my work as a nurse. I know there is a “joke” saying out there- “life is what happens while you are making plans”, and also “you plan, God laughs”. Both remind us that we aren’t in charge! I am sure you will find your way, and God’s way. Prayers and hugs.

  2. Wendy

    You are often in my thoughts and prayers, Kristen, as I have a sense–a bit–of what this transition phase can be like! A song that has been going through my head is one I’ll share with you today. It reminds me of how our great God has angels that surround BG and also surround each of us in His care: Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I Fear”

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