So Many Goodbyes

Two of my roommates leave in a week to head back to the states after being here for 6 months.  One is Terp who is on her 6th trip to Beautiful Gate.  Her position is to spend 6 months in Lesotho and 6 months in the states where she travels around the US and Canada raising funding and awareness for Beautiful Gate.  The other is Grace who is trying to figure out where she is being called.  She believes it is missions and I look forward to hearing how her future plans develop.

Right now they are working on goodbyes to the children and the staff. Trying to finish up last minute projects and be in the moment while also looking forward to getting home.  They know they are leaving in a week, they know this is their “last” everything.

As I see them going through this and looking forward to going home but also sad to be leaving, I realize that in 3 months this will be me.  Only three months and a week or so until I leave.  When did my time get so short?  Where did the last 20.5 months go?  What will I be feeling at that time and what will I want to do?

I have so many friends here who are going through this phase.  Two families are heading to the Congo to different positions.  Another family is heading back home to England to live.  All of this within the next couple months.  In August some of the Beautiful Dream Society folks head home and in September a friend from Canada heads back.

So many changes, so many people leaving.

And after all of these goodbyes, will be mine.  I will say goodbye to my amazing friends and Lesotho family.  I will say goodbye to the staff who has welcomed me as one of them and made this one of the best jobs/experiences I’ve ever had.  And I’ll have to say goodbye to the children who have taken my heart.

Please join me in praying for all of these people who are heading home or onto new positions/ministries.

Father, please be with them and guide them.  Keep them safe and let them focus on You throughout all of the chaos of finishing well.  May they see You in everything and may they trust in You to get them through the hard times.  Father, love on them and give them peace during this hard time of transition.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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