Girls Weekend!

A couple weeks ago, I went away with three friends on a safari.  We went to Nambiti Game Reserve in Kwazulunatal, South Africa.  It was an all inclusive place – Ndaka – where we had all meals covered, lodging, and two game drives a day.  So much fun and such a great deal.


We had a fantastic guide.  He was brand-new to Nambiti, but had been a guide in many other game parks around South Africa, including Kruger.


The first night, we saw so many things, including three of the big five – elephants, leopards, and lions.

We saw a ton of giraffes all throughout the weekend.



Then we saw multiple elephants.  One started getting a bit upset with us so we drove away.  Don’t want to be around when an elephant decides to charge us.



Later in the night, we rounded the corner, heading towards a lion sighting, but we saw leopards, two of them.  They were at the beginnings of their mating ritual.  Apparently the mating ritual involves the female slapping the male and then presenting herself.  The pictures I got aren’t that great, since they were taken with a spotlight.  Look at the top right and bottom left, you will see a leopard in each corner.


After watching the leopards for about 10 minutes, we headed over to the lion sighting, a lion kill.  Three lions had killed a wildebeest and were eating when we arrived.  There are not pictures of this part, since we could only shine the red light in this area.  It was very near a residence.  But we could hear these lions eating, they were very loud.  And they were huge.  Near the end of our watching them, they ripped the animal apart and split up to eat on their own.

After this exciting game drive we headed back to the lodge to eat dinner and go to bed. The food was amazing!

We went on three more game drives throughout the weekend, all a lot of fun, but no where near as exciting as the first night.  We didn’t get to see anymore of the big five, just a lot of buffalo poop and rhino poop.  But that’s okay.  We saw impala, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, so many kinds of antelopes, and hippos.  And probably more.







We enjoyed beautiful views of the sunrises and sunsets.  And we got to go flying as we hit a warthog hole.






On Friday, during the day, we ate lunch in the bush near some ruins.  It was beautiful there.  No animals decided to come join us, but that’s okay.  It was beautiful to be out in the sun and to enjoy the beautiful views.




All in all, a very relaxing couple days away.



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