They Taught Me

When I first came here, I knew a bit about my role in the office.  I figured I’d help Beautiful Gate with fundraising and admin.  Funny how I have not done much in the way of fundraising, but definitely done admin and whatever was needed.  That has been anything from a middle of the night run to the hospital to watching 15 kids for 2 hours during a training.  Duties can come anytime from 2 am to during normal working hours.  That’s part of life living here and I expected most of it (probably not all, but if we always knew what we were getting into, would we do it?)

What I didn’t expect is what I’ve learned.  I didn’t expect to have my heart so broken yet feel so right.  I didn’t expect the beautiful children of Beautiful Gate to teach me so much.

They taught me to love.

With every outstretched arm, wide smile.  With every time they ran up to me yelling “Ausi Mpho”.

They taught me joy.

With their easy smiles and joyful laughter in spite of everything they have been through.

They taught me to fight.

Even when all odds are against them, they fight to survive.  Even though some come here so malnourished, they still have an amazing will to live.

They taught me to acceptance.

With their whole-hearted welcome to any new visitors.  With the way they love any new child who arrives at Beautiful Gate.  With the way they love our special needs children and help them.  With the way they help their “brothers and sisters” in the houses.

They taught me forgiveness.

Even though I make mistakes from time to time, they still love me.  Even though I don’t get out to see them as much as I would like, they always welcome me back with open arms and love.

They taught me trust.

Sometimes children come here from situations that aren’t so good.  They may not have had regular meals or maybe they were abused.  But soon after they come here, they realize their is love here.  They learn to trust that they will get meals three times a day.  They learn that their Bo’Me love them and will care for them no matter what they do.  They trust.

They taught me love.

I see Jesus shining through each of them.  He loves each of us unconditionally and so do these children.  He welcomes us with open arms and so do these children.  They have taught me so much about the love of God, as Jesus said to come to Him as little children, with the faith of a child.

I am so blessed to have had such amazing teachers these past two years.

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2 thoughts on “They Taught Me

  1. Wendy

    Wonderful Kristen! Well said.

  2. Anne Bothma

    You are a great person Kirsten and I have had the pleasure of knowing you, we will miss you when you leave.

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