Back in Lesotho!

Yesterday, after a couple days of calm, Bryan called the volunteers back to Lesotho.  We arrived back on campus mid-afternoon.

When I left campus on Tuesday, I wasn’t sure when or if we would be coming back.  My flight out of Africa is on October 2nd, so I have a only a short time left here.  I’m so glad things calmed down so I could come back.

But, this does not mean everything is settled.  Please continue to pray for Lesotho.  The police are back to work and the Prime Minister is back in the country.  Parliament is supposed to reopen September 19th.  There are reports that the Prime Minister will dissolve the Parliament soon after it reopens.  There is also a struggle with the leader of the Lesotho Defense Force.  One was let go, but he continues to say he is the leader.  Another was appointed, so there is confusion there.

Please pray for peace in Lesotho.  One thing I’ve notice is the Basotho people have continued to go about business as usual during the day.  Then at night, they just stay home.

We here at BG are going about business as usual.  There was an adoption ceremony Friday and children continue to be cared for.  Volunteers are not allowed to go off campus at night, as a safety precaution.  We also are not allowed to go into town by ourselves, again as a safety precaution.

Lesotho is a beautiful country with beautiful people.  I’m glad to be back here.  This whole situation makes me sad and I hope it gets resolved soon.

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One thought on “Back in Lesotho!

  1. Debbie Bonner

    I pray for God to do the perfect thing for you and B Gate.

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