Building an Altar

I have a confession to make.  Since I’ve been back from Lesotho, I’ve been floundering a bit.  I’ve been visiting friends, visiting family, going on vacation.  I’ve also been looking for a job, wondering about what’s next.  But instead of truly seeking guidance from God, I’ve been watching tv or reading books.  I’ve been thinking back to Beautiful Gate and all that happened there.  I haven’t been reading the Word as much.  I haven’t been praying as much.  I haven’t been focusing on the One I should be focusing on.

A couple weeks ago, I attended a church which I think will be my church home here in Florida.  Currently, they are going through a series called “Closer.”  The topic a couple weeks ago was worship “our response to the things we value the most.”

The Pastor discussed building an altar, a personal place to meet with God.  He mentioned how one man bought a rocking chair and every morning he got up and spent time in his rocking chair reading his Bible and praying.  We each need to build a personal altar, a designated place where we will meet with God daily.  And we need to meet with Him intentionally.  You can’t love without sacrifice, so we need to sacrifice our time, something in our schedule so we can spend time with Him.  We have to ask ourselves, what replaced our time with God?  For me, it was watching tv and reading, which in moderation are okay, as long is it doesn’t replace my time with God.

The Pastor discussed how in the Temple described in the Old Testament there were two altars, an altar of sacrifice and an altar of incense.  Incense is symbolic for worship.  Coals were taken off the altar of sacrifice to the altar of incense by the Priests.  Then the hot coals would mix with incense and a cloud would form.  In the midst of the cloud, the High Priest would move the curtain to the Holy of Holies and step into the presence of God.  When Jesus died, the curtain was ripped in two, so we can step into the presence of God ourselves now.  We can go directly to God and we need to go with sacrifice and in worship.  Sacrifice can take many forms, as can worship.

I have a chair in my room, it has become my time with God chair.  It’s where I set aside time each day to be in the Word and pray.  It is where we talk about what is next or any other issue that is on my heart.  Since I’ve been doing this, I have felt closer to God.  While I still don’t have a job and still am not completely sure what the future entails, I know God has it firmly in His hand and He will show me in His time.

Please join me and make yourself a place in your home where you meet with God each day.

Please keep me in prayer, as I am interviewing with and looking into different missionary sending organizations.  I’m also looking into different mission opportunities in Africa.  Pray for clarity and guidance.  Thank you.

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