God truly blessed me with the people He surrounded me with in Lesotho.  One part of that was the ladies Bible study I attended on Thursdays.  These ladies have encouraged me and prayed for me.  They have been there for me through some extremely rough times and through some amazing praises.  I am so thankful for each and every one of them.  My last Thursday with them, we finished our study on Sacred Waiting and afterward, we had lunch.  Our Bible study used to be a large group, but we split into three smaller groups.  The lunch encompassed people from all three groups and I was able to fellowship with these ladies one more time.

This is my Bible study encompassing two Americans, one Dutch lady, two South Africans, two Basotho, and a South Korean lady.  Love my international Bible study!



And here is the larger group who came for lunch, adding two Canadians and two Americans to the mix!


The Sunday before I left Lesotho, I went to both of the English speaking churches to say goodbye.  While I attended Victory Church for most of my time in Lesotho, both churches have made a huge impact on me and God has spoken through both Pastors into my life.  I am so thankful for those churches and they will always have a place in my heart.  There are days when I’m in church where I yearn to worship with my Lesotho church family and to sing a song or two in Sesotho.

After church, I said goodbye to Benno and Wendy.  They served as Acting Director of BG while the Geurinks were on furlough and I got to know them during their time at BG.  I learned so much from them, I can’t even express how much.  I’m so grateful for them!


Sunday evening I had a few friends over to play games so I could say goodbye.

The crazy Eygabroads had to leave early since Matthias has an early bed time.  This little guy is so cute and he’s walking now.  I skyped with them last week and he’s so active now.  Love these guys!



The rest hung around a little longer and we got a group picture before they left.  Included in this picture are Kim, Brittany, Phase, Kerrina, Teresa, Tom, Jill, Bryan, and Tyler.  Everyone else on campus came by and played games, but must have left by this time.SAM_5492The evening included yummy food and a rousing game of Redneck Life.


As well as Ticket to Ride.



Monday I spent my final day in the office and Tuesday Kerrina and I went to Living Life for a yummy breakfast.

Wednesday morning before my farewell, I met Margie for breakfast in town.  She’d just returned from furlough so we hadn’t had much of a chance to catch up and this was our last chance.  Margie has been something like a mentor to me and such an encouragement.  I’m so thankful that I got to know her.


Then that night the volunteers all gathered for a yummy dinner.  They also surprised me with a worship night.  I’m so thankful for them and the worship night.  One of my favorite things that happened a couple times this year was when we would gather and have a worship night on the porch or in the chapel.  It was a huge blessing to worship the Lord with these amazing people.  Tyler had asked me for some of my favorite songs to use and they read some Scripture over me.  Then they prayed for me.  I can’t even express what this night meant to me and what the people involved mean to me.  I am truly blessed.


This is the whole motley crew involved.  This includes a team from Australia; the Geurinks; my roommates – Casie, Brittany, Bailey, and Jamie; Peter, Lindiwe, and Simphi; Tyler; and Kim from MAF.  I love these people!

Even if they are a little crazy…


The beautiful Kim!  This lady has such an amazing and huge heart.  I am blessed to call her friend.


This is Peter, Lindiwe, and Simphi.  They joined the BG crew last June or July and have been a huge blessing.  Lindiwe works with our special needs and developmentally delayed children and is doing an amazing job.  They are a beautiful family and I’m so glad I got to know them.DSC_0085

And these are the kids who gave me the name “Aunt Kristen.”  As I was looking at the pictures, finding one where they were all smiling was hard as Faith stuck her tongue out or Eli had a weird expression.  And in this one Mercy’s smile is disappearing.  Oh well, love these kids!DSC_0092God puts people into your life at different times who have a major influence during that time.  Each of the people mentioned above and some who aren’t on this page have had such a huge influence on me.  I am so grateful for each of their friendships, love, and prayers.  When I first arrived in Lesotho, I knew no one.  I left with an international community of friends who are a reflection of the body of Christ.  So many nationalities serving one God.  These people are the hands and feet of Christ in Lesotho.



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