Love you Kim!

Sometimes people come into your life and they are there for the rest of your life.  And sometimes they come into your life for a season.  They have a large impact on your life and suddenly they are gone.

Recently, a friend of mine passed away.  She was a missionary in Lesotho and I considered her a good friend during my time there.  She was someone who had a huge heart and lots of love to share.

Kim was one of the first people I met who didn’t work at Beautiful Gate.  We weren’t close at first, but she was a good friend of the Geurinks so I got to know her through them.  She also led the women’s Bible study I attended for most of my time there.  When the Geurinks went on furlough, Kim and I got together for dinner at least once (maybe more, I don’t remember) just the two of us and it was during that time that she shared her heart with me.  She shared some hurts and some wants and some joys.

One of the biggest desires of her heart was to be a mother.  At the time, she was beginning to pray about adoption and talking with her team about logistics.  She wanted to be a mother so bad.

Almost two years later this dream came true when she adopted a child from Beautiful Gate.  This child was one I remember holding as a baby.  And while I was no longer in Lesotho, I still felt a part of her life.  I could send her pictures of her child from when she was younger.

Kim thrived at being a mother, delighting in the smallest things about her daughter.  I remember so many different facebook posts about the joy of seeing Lebo eat a pancake or call her mommy for the first time.

Kim had an amazing joy.  Things may not have always been perfect in her life, but she had the joy of the Lord inside her.  And she had an amazing voice.  She would join us BG volunteers at worship nights singing praises to our King.

And she loved.  She loved so well.  She loved her team and her friends.  She loved her family so much.  She loved all her friends’ kids, being Aunt Kim (or Aunt Kimbershmo to the Geurink kids).

Oh and she gave great hugs.

When she came home for furlough earlier this year, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the prognosis was not good.  I went to visit her for her birthday in May.  She had this amazing peace about her.  She knew she probably wouldn’t survive this.  She knew she probably wouldn’t get to see her daughter grow up.  Yet, she trusted in God.  She trusted in His will.  And she was at peace with whatever He decided.

During my time there, I got to pray with her and she asked me how she could pray for me.  She’s going through one of the worst things you could go through, yet she asks how she can pray for me.  That just shows how big her heart is.

It’s not easy losing a friend.  And seeing how many people are mourning her right now through their posts on facebook just shows how well she loved others.  She has friends all over the world.

I’m so thankful for the example Kim was to me and for the love she showed to so many.  Please keep her family and friends in your prayers.   And before you ask, her daughter is doing well and is with the family Kim appointed to be her guardians.

And here are a few pictures of my beautiful friend!


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One thought on “Love you Kim!

  1. Debbie Bonner

    So sorry for your loss. I too recently loss a very good friend. Miss her so. 😞💕

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